SAVE THE DATE: TTR Day – 19th September 2023


This year's TTR Day will be held as a hybrid meeting. You can either participate physically in Vienna (limited number of participants) or virtually (probably via Microsoft Teams). The final agenda including the speaker list will be published soon.



1. Status of Implementation

This panel will cover a general overview of what has already been achieved in the implementation of TTR in terms of the process and respective IT, the Digital Capacity Management. A particular focus will be given to the front runners of implementation, namely the MVPs and the TTR Pilots.

2. Target Picture, Gradual Implementation and Next Steps

What does the world with TTR look like? Smart Capacity Management will be the enabler of more efficient international train operation, increasing competitiveness with other modes of transport. This panel will illustrate the Capacity Management of the future with TTR and the way to get there via a stepwise and gradual implementation of TTR. An outlook on next steps will be provided, especially concerning DCM.

3. Legal Developments in the Context of TTR

Based on the expected proposal by the European Commission, the European legal framework and its implications on TTR will be discussed in this panel. It was announced that the ‘Greening Transport Package’ will contain legal components on Capacity Management, which gives good reason to tackle this discussion in the frame of the TTR Day.

4. Capacity Management Beyond TTR

Smart Capacity Management will transform the European railway sector into a competitive, more efficient and seamless way to carry people and goods across the continent. Even with TTR being fully implemented, developments in the sector will continue to further integrate capacity planning and operation and to facilitate new technologies with more interconnectivity between systems. This panel will trigger interactive discussions with the audience on the direction of capacity management towards digitalisation and integration with other relevant areas.

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