Legal Matters and Sales

Support to Other Projects

In addition to the tasks generally assigned to the RNE Legal Matters Working Group and the RNE JO legal team, the RNE Legal Matters experts support projects in different RNE business areas upon request.

This includes legal assessments of RNE guidelines, handbooks and other documents (e.g. Network Statement/CID Common Structure) and legal opinions on specific questions of other working groups/projects.

One core task is the continuous legal support to the TTR project, for which a dedicated task force has been set up, which is composed not only of representatives of the RNE Legal Matters Working Group, but also legal experts from Railway Undertakings and sector associations (CER, EIM, CIT), and is about to be joined by representatives of DG MOVE.

This task force has been checking the compatibility of the proposed TTR process components with the EU legal framework, providing guidance on how to implement TTR pilots under the existing legal framework and assessing proposals emerging in the context of the commercial conditions project. The task force members have also gathered first thoughts on how to enable TTR full rollout across Europe.

More information on the work of the TTR legal framework task force is available HERE.