Temporary Capacity Restrictions Tool

What is TCR?

What is the temporary capacity restriction TCR?

Temporary capacity restrictions (TCRs) are necessary to keep infrastructure and equipment in good condition and to allow infrastructure development in accordance with market needs. However, TCRs also have a negative impact on the rail network (due to blocking capacity) and the railway sector needs to stay competitive with other modes of transport, especially road transport.

Hence, the goal of coordination of TCRs is the optimisation of planned TCRs with the overall goal: Traffic must flow! This can only be achieved if rail infrastructure is always available in adequate quality and quantity to facilitate traffic in line with customers’ needs. To plan traffic and communicate with end customers, reliable timetables are required which reflect these market needs. This principle is one of the main cornerstones of the project results of the ‘Redesign of the international timetabling process’ (TTR).

The TCR Tool is ueful not only for the coordination and publication of TCRs among IMs but also for the consultation with Applicants as it provides them with one single platform on which each Applicant can find harmonised information (in contrast to the current situation where Applicants have to review different Excel lists of various RFCs in order to assess the impact of TCRs on their traffic plans). In addition, the TCR Tool could even be applied at national level, particularly by smaller IMs who have no national tool available to create and publish their TCRs.

Added value

  • System, where IMs can create, coordinate and publish their TCRs
  • Visualisation of all TCRs on the Gantt and Map view to support coordination between IMs
  • Available for IMs and Applicants (RUs and Non-RUs) to see TCR details
  • Public users can see TCRs’ overview on the map
  • Easy communication
  • Data export

The TCR Tool provides…

  • A platform for handling harmonized international TCRs
  • Quick, secure and easy communication between all parties
  • Flexible system – updated to fulfil future requirements of European legislation
  • International standardisation of the data structure and availability of international timetable data.

The TCR Tool is free of charge

The use of the TCR Tool is free of charge for all RNE Infrastructure Managers and customers licensed on any of their networks. Any other cases fall under different charges. Contact us to learn more.

How to use the TCR Tool

Technical documentation of the functionalities of the TCR can be found here.
Specifications of the connection and structure for data import can be found here.