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European Transport Market Study

European Transport Market Study

Article 9 of the Regulation (EU) 913/2010 requires the Management Boards of Rail Freight Corridors to carry out and periodically update a transport market study on the observed and expected changes in the traffic on their respective freight corridors, as a consequence of them being established, covering the different types of traffic, both regarding the transport of freight and the transport of passengers. RNE shall support the Rail Freight Corridors in achieving compliance with the above requirement in a coordinated and harmonised manner as regards the next update to their individual transport market studies, which is due by the end of 2024.

RNE was also requested by the European Commission to conduct a wider analysis of the feasibility for conducting a European transport market study. This request has been acknowledged by the RNE Managing Board and further prioritised by the RNE/RFC High Level Group.

The key objectives of the feasibility study to be conducted by the end of 2022 are the following ones:

  • Review and analyse the relevant methodologies, tools and arrangements for stakeholder involvement, taking into account existing frameworks and tools as well as good practices, at European, Corridor and national level and in different modes of transport, consultation of relevant stakeholders
  • Identify and describe the use cases in various planning and marketing processes, by different stakeholder groups and in different geographical contexts
  • Define a set of options to elaborate a transport market study and compare these options, e.g., in terms of use cases covered, feasibility, costs, risks and implementation timeline
  • Define proposals for further analysis and implementation of European transport market study
  • Draft guidelines for updating RFCs’ transport market studies (optional).