Capacity Management

Capacity Strategies

An essential part of the capacity management process is the advance planning, of which the first element is the Capacity Strategy. The Capacity Strategy is a written document created by each IM, which sets down the general principles to be used further in the capacity planning and capacity allocation process. Moreover, it includes the expected available capacity and first rough analysis of future traffic flows. The Capacity Strategies are published three years prior to the timetable change. However, in the first years of the TTR setup timelines might shift.

On this dedicated page the links to the published Capacity Strategies for the respective TT years are provided as they become available.

Consultation of “Mature Draft Versions” of Capacity Strategies TT2027

Please find below the available draft versions of the Capacity Strategies published for consultation:

Capacity Strategies TT 2025

Please find below the Capacity Strategies published for TT 2025.

Capacity Strategies TT 2026

Please find below the Capacity Strategies published for TT 2026.