The European Capacity Management Tool

ECMT governance

The ECMT Change Control Board and Advisory Group

The Change Control Board (CCB) is the governance body within RNE’s organisation of ECMT. CCB member submits and decides upon Change Requests, steer application developments, and control their budget.

It consists of all representatives of RNE members who are using the ECMT application for the management of capacity models and/or capacity supply.

The Advisory Group (AG) consists of all Applicant users (RUs and Non-RUs, including ForumTrainEurope representatives). The advisory group do not have decision-making power but in any case, they can submit change requests upon later CCB decides.
Since the tool is still in the development stage, the CCB and AG are merged and are happening on a monthly basis where the new Change Requests are being discussed – approved for implementation or rejected.

New Change Request can be given by both CCB and AG users by accessing link