Legal Matters and Sales

IT and Data Protection

A considerable part of RNE’s portfolio relates to IT services provided to the European rail sector (e.g. Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings, terminal operators).

RNE owns and operates several unique IT applications, which cover capacity allocation and traffic management in most EU Member States (e.g. PCS and TIS), as well as other elements of rail infrastructure management (e.g. basic topology, maintenance works, charging, RFC routings, service facilities).

RNE is also a frontrunner in TAF TSI proliferation activities on the side of the Infrastructure Managers.

Some of RNE’s software and data bases are restricted for use by experienced professionals only, whereas others are freely accessible to the general public.

With regard to RNE’s software, the RNE Legal Matters Working Group is assigned with the permanent task to introduce, maintain and keep up to date the licence agreements, responding in a timely manner to new technical and legal developments concerning data sharing within and beyond the sector.

In addition to that, the RNE JO legal team is also in charge of the contract management of all IT systems with the end users and the respective suppliers (e.g. conclusion, amendments and cancellations of licence agreements, development and maintenance contracts, transfer and sale agreements). Privacy issues in the IT context and GDPR compliance also fall into the RNE JO legal team’s area of responsibility.