RNE IT Strategy

Digital Capacity Management (DCM) / Timetable Redesign (TTR)

Based on the clearly defined infrastructure information, a Europe-wide capacity strategy and a digital capacity model will be developed, which will already include capacity restrictions. This will be accomplished within the framework of the timetable redesign project (TTR - Smart Capacity Management). Available capacity is also to be offered Europe-wide at short notice.

IMs and RUs are working together to redesign the current way of capacity allocation. The sector organisations representing the IM’s, passengers RU’s and freight RU’s have joined forces to align their members in the implementation of a TTR-compliant European capacity management. However, even while IMs and RUs are working together in TTR/DCM it must be clear that due to the nature of their businesses, the interests of IMs and RUs are sometimes different.

A stronger cooperation between the work in TTR/DCM and EU Rail Joint Undertaking has led to the inclusion of capacity management into the System Pillar. The vision of EU’s Rail Joint Undertaking on CMS underlines the fact that the integration between CCS (Command and Control & signalling System), CMS (Capacity Management Systems) and TMS (Traffic Management Systems) is essential to guarantee a more efficient use of capacity. The integration of CMS (TTR) into the TAF TSI legal framework is a strong enabler for reaching a common, Europe-wide implementation.

Deliverables completed in 2021/22:

  • Setting up MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) for TTR implementation
  • Organising common implementation projects including European co-financing
  • Including CM into the System Pilar of EU Rail Joint Undertaking
  • Start of the first implementation projects (MVPs) such as
    • short-term ad-hoc path request (PCS-CB)
    • Temporary Capacity Restriction coordination
  • Coordinating European co-financing project for MVP implementation

Outlook 2023-25:

  • Supporting IMs in the implementation of TTR/DCM
  • Supporting IMs by coordinating European co-financing project for TTR/DCM implementation
  • Integration of TTR in the TAF TSI legal framework
  • Supporting IMs by providing a European Capacity Model
  • Implementation of the Capacity Broker (PCS-CB)
  • Including Border harmonisation for Path Request and Offer

More details on Digital Capacity Management are available here.