Temporary Capacity Restrictions Tool

The TCR Working Group (TCR WG)

The TCR WG is responsible for all international processes regarding TCRs. The tasks encompass all activities to implement legal requirements, e.g., Annex VII of Directive 2012/34, as well as voluntary activities to increase the efficiency of capacity planning and - in the end - timetabling.

The group also serves as the TCR tool Change Control Board (CCB). Beyond that, the group is focused on:

  • Discussing objections to the ongoing development and draft versions of the Handbooks and TCR Tool,​
  • Organisation and preparation of the meetings together with the RNE Managing Board member in charge of Capacity Management,​
  • Functional management of the RNE TCR Tool in close cooperation with the IT department
  • Submission and decisions on Change Requests, steering the tool development and controlling the budget

The TCR WG consists of all representatives of RNE Members who are using the TCR Tool for the management of TCRs.
The meetings of the group are scheduled 4 times per year.

New Change Requests can be given by all members of the group: https://cms.rne.eu/tcr-change-request-list