Customer Information Platform

What is CIP?

What is the Customer Information Platform (CIP)?

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) is an interactive, Internet-based information tool. By means of a Graphical User Interface (GUI), CIP provides precise information on the routing, terminals, specific track properties and infrastructure investment projects, as well as ICM lines and their re-routing options of the participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs).

At the request of several RFCs, RNE took over the ownership, hosting and maintenance of the CIP from the Corridor Rhine-Alpine , thereby enabling it to evolve into a multi-corridor tool providing harmonised information and communication processes. RNE shall further develop the CIP according to the decisions of the CIP Change Control Board (CCB) and following the approval, if necessary, of the RNE General Assembly.

At the moment, CIP displays information on railway infrastructure in 26 European countries, covering the complete network of all 11 RFCs: Rhine-AlpineNorth Sea-MediterraneanScandinavian-MediterraneanAtlanticBaltic-AdriaticMediterraneanOrient/East-Med, North Sea-Baltic, Rhine-DanubeAlpine-Western Balkan and Amber. As of 2021, several Infrastructure Managers decided to have their entire railway network covered in CIP.

For Public Users

i.e. for Railway Undertakings and any other Applicants interested in using the services offered by RFCs, the CIP provides precise information on RFCs for public users, e.g.:

  • routing
  • terminals
  • track properties
  • investment projects
  • re-routing options

For Internal Users

i.e. for project team members from RFCs and Infrastructure Managers (IMs), the CIP provides an effective project management tool for internal users by enabling:

  • internal file sharing
  • creation of reports
  • working group set-up
  • project management