Path Coordination System

PCS User Statements

“Working with PCS has been a pleasure. The system is intuitive, and it offers a reliable and harmonised path request process through IMs. As a result, we as RUs can achieve more stable planning in production for customers. Coordination runs more smoothly as we can create one path request and receive a complete harmonised path offer back from IMs for international transport running in Europe. A good example is the fact that we are now able to coordinate the traffic between Scandinavia and Italy in one system. I look forward to coordinating more traffics and enjoying more benefits provided by the PCS in years to come.”

Anni Boserup - DB Schenker Rail Scandinavia

Having the chance to work for a fully international RU operating high-speed trains on 4 networks with several RU partners, the PCS has become our reference platform for ordering our international paths. The PCS does not replace our human contacts but is a perfect information-sharing platform between IMs & RUs and totally complementary to the FTE conferences. We could no longer imagine any other way to harmonise our trains at the border & to build long-distance connections. We at THALYS hope that the PCS will become even more important than the existing IM national tools in the near future.”

Jean Quaeyhaegens - Thalys Thi Factory

“The members of Forum Train Europe (FTE) are supporting the development and use of the web-based communication system PCS with a high degree of specialist expertise. In terms of passenger traffic, the PCS has long been established as an ideal tool for harmonising production plans and path requests for the annual timetable for international traffic. This harmonisation takes place throughout the entire FTE process, from the train planning stage through to the final path allocation. As for freight traffic, we are also very much interested in using the PCS to take international coordination on production and train paths into a new, dynamic dimension of information technology. The Pre-arranged Paths (PaPs) on the Rail Freight Corridors, which have now been available in the PCS for two years, represent the first step in this process of development. “

Matteo Soldini - FTE (Forum Train Europe)