The European Capacity Management Tool

What is ECMT?

What is the European capacity management tool ECMT

The European Capacity Management Tool (ECMT) is an online application providing a centralised capacity supply and capacity model overview of railway lines and routes. The tool consolidates capacity needs and capacity restrictions on the railway infrastructure based on the information provided by Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies. It offers capacity supply and capacity model visualisations and other related functionalities.

The tool itself is still in development and it is planned to be one of the essential pillars of Digital Capacity Management (together with the TCR Tool and Path Coordination System – Capacity Broker).

Added value

  • Platform, where Applicants (RUs and Non-RUs) could express their Capacity Need Announcements (CNAs)
  • Harmonisation of international capacity volumes and management of pre-planned capacity amoung partners and all involved parties
  • Easy pre-planning pre-planning of capacity products
  • Easy communication
  • Transparency in workflow and processing status
  • Decreased dwell times at the borders for trains on international paths.

The ECMT provides...

  • A platform for handling harmonised international path requests, path studies, path offers and path allocations – without any paperwork
  • Quick, secure and easy communication between all parties (Path Applicants, IMs/ABs, RFCs)
  • Flexible system – updated to fulfil future requirements of European legislation
  • International standardisation of the data structure and availability of international timetable data.

The ECMT is free of charge

The use of the RNE European Capacity Management Tool (ECMT) is free of charge for all RNE Infrastructure Managers and customers licensed on any of their networks. Any other cases fall under different charges. Contact us to learn more.

How to use ECMT?

Technical documentation of the functionalities of the ECMT and the ECMT guidelines can be found here.