Path Coordination System

PCS Functional Architecture

PCS Core System – Web Application


The PCS core system is accessible from a standard web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The entire path request process can be completed via the web browser.

There are multiple environments you can use to access PCS for the testing purposes as well as for managing your actual paths. Learn more here.

PCS Interfaces

PCS interfaces allow data exchange between the Path Coordination System (PCS) and national systems based on a bi-directional system-to-system communication suitable for international developments and based on standards such as TAF/TAP TSI.

PCS interfaces:

  • The PCS Integration Platform (IP) based on PCS web services interface
  • The PCS TAF/TAP TSI interface based on a Common Interface.

Benefits of Communication Via the PCS Integration Platform Interface and TAF/TAP TSI Interface

  • No double data entry:
    • PCS is updated according to the information provided by the user in a national system, transmitted to PCS via the IP or TAF/TAP TSI interface
    • The national systems are updated according to the information provided by a user in PCS via the IP, TAF/TAP TSI interface or web application.
  • Completion of the entire path request process in the national systems via the inbound and outbound communication via PCS interfaces (implemented for PCS IP and under implementation for the PCS TAF/TAP TSI interface)
  • A connection to PCS via an interface does not prevent a connection via the web application.

Find more information about how to establish the TAF TAP TSI interface to PCS

  • As an IM/AB
  • As an Applicant