The RNE Reporting Services deliver the right information to the right users by creating a wide variety of different types of reports and delivering them in a range of formats using data from RNE applications and other data sources. By creating basic reports containing tables and graphs, or more complex data visualisations, using charts, maps and sparklines or dashboards, RNE’s Reporting Services support better insight into business facts for different project needs.

The vast majority of data collected by RNE applications (TIS, PCS, CIP, CIS and others) is stored in the RNE Data Warehouse (DWH). Based on the stored data, various reports are built and retrieved by the users concerned via the Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) tool.

Access to reports is provided to:

  • Performance Managers (Rail Freight Corridors, Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings) for checking the punctuality of trains and Key Performance Indicators
  • Data Quality Managers for identification of actual and potential data quality issues
  • RNE Project Managers to support decision making processes
  • European Union (Agency for Railways, Commission) for legislation and regulation set-up
  • Other interested entities for various case studies and statistical data

Benefits of the Reporting Services

  • Access to advanced analytics to identify bottleneck areas and plan corrective actions, as well as feedback on these actions’ effectiveness
  • Easy access to all dynamic reports in one place supported by visualisation downloadable to many standard formats
  • Better insight into business facts by provision of performance and statistical information for international traffic
  • Proactive intelligence delivery and alerts
  • High-volume report production
  • Ability to provide reports for any other system connected to the RNE data warehouse.