Pilots and MVPs

TTR Pilot Amsterdam-Brussels

The pilot started in 2017 as a cooperation between Infrabel and ProRail on the lines between Rotterdam and Antwerp. These lines were chosen as an existing complex of linked lines on which all train modes are circulating with a high frequency, yet with a limited geographical scope.

The initial goals of the pilot were the following:

  • Develop a capacity model including capacity partitioning
  • Testing of capacity requests based on the capacity model
  • Testing the Rolling Planning concept

as to determine:

  • The proof of the business concept, specifically the correlation of annual timetabling capacity (ATT), capacity for TCRs (in line with the recast Annex VII:2017/2075) and safeguarded capacity for Rolling Planning
  • Provide input for improving the process
  • Provide input for the IT landscape (definition of requirements for IT systems)
  • Provide input for the Commercial Conditions and Allocation Rules (requirements for steering the process, particularly for safeguarding capacity and shifting to Rolling Planning requests)

Step by step, new elements were added and/or refined.

As of 2023, the pilot remains to be a very valuable platform to discuss and test TTR principles between IM and RU specialists, in order to come to the best possible implementation method for TTR.

If you have questions, please contact Pilot Project Leader Thomas Vanbeveren (Infrabel) at thomasgerd.vanbeveren@INFRABEL.BE.

Download the Pilot Information Document