Record Usage of PCS

Capacity management strengthened on a European scale: PCS achieves record usage for 2025 Annual Timetable

European Commission and the rail sector are actively working to enhance international rail traffic by increasing transparency and coordination.
Infrastructure Managers seek a seamless planning experience, while customers demand a smooth capacity management on a European scale.

In response to these demands, RNE stepped in several years ago to support the sector with the Path Coordination System (PCS).
PCS is a central capacity booking system where capacity requests and offers can be managed in one transparent central system on a European scale.

Path Coordination System PCS

On a general level, PCS provides:

  • A central platform for handling harmonised international path requests and feasibility studies – without any paperwork.
  • Quick, secure, and easy communication between all parties on cross-border scale
  • Management and availability of international timetable data.

Record number of dossiers

The system’s value is demonstrated by its growing usage year by year.
In this regard, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved the highest number* of dossiers in which annual capacity requests are bundled:

3858 dossiers were submitted for 2025 Annual Timetable
+15% compared to last year
+35% compared to 3 years ago

Currently, most dossiers are for passenger traffic with 2247 dossiers, while freight business has grown to 1611 dossiers.
Of the latter, approximately 30% of the dossiers contained PaPs (Pre-Arranged Paths on the Rail Freight Corridors).

In conclusion, thanks to collaborative efforts between the European Commission, RNE, and stakeholders within the rail sector, the vision of fully integrated and harmonised capacity management on a European level is steadily becoming a reality.

The use of the PCS is free of charge for all RNE members and customers licensed on any of their networks.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of PCS, and get more information about PCS.

* based on data exported on 09.04.2024, considering only New Path Requests (more info at