RNE at Connecting Europe Days 2024

Showcasing Sustainability and Efficiency

From 2-5 April 2024, Connecting Europe Days 2024 brought nearly 5,000 participants from across Europe and neighbouring countries to Brussels. This significant event united a diverse array of transport stakeholders including policymakers, industry representatives, financial institutions, and transport experts to discuss concrete measures and exchange good practices to drive transformative change in European mobility.

Throughout this event, RNE experts successfully showcased RNE’s leading role in facilitating international rail traffic across Europe.

Joint Stand with Rail Freight Corridor Network

RNE’s presence was highlighted at a joint stand with the Rail Freight Corridor (RFC) Network, where experts like Philipp Koiser (Head of Capacity Management) and Gabriel Bustad (Team Leader RNE Corridor Management) engaged in lively discussions with participants and various key stakeholders in the field.

While participating in numerous conversations at the stand, the experts proudly emphasised RNE’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and efficiency across borders.

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RNE Representatives on Stage

During the event, RNE representatives took the stage in panel debates and a side session.

Harald Reisinger (RNE’s Chief Information & Chief Financial Officer) discussed current initiatives aimed at enhancing the performance of cross-border rail freight traffic in a dedicated session, alongside with esteemed Directors and Managers from the Rail Freight Corridor Network.

Additionally, Elisabeth Hochhold (Head of Legal, HR & Sales) participated in a panel discussion on boosting rail freight traffic in light of the draft Regulation on the use of railway infrastructure capacity in the single European railway area .

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Impressions of RNE at the Connecting Europe Days 2024

The Connecting Europe Days served as a catalyst for forging collaborative partnerships and advancing the vision of a sustainable, interconnected future for European mobility.

RNE extends heartfelt gratitude to all attendees who visited our stand, engaged in fruitful conversations, and forged new connections during this pivotal event.

We express our gratitude to the European Commission and CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency) for orchestrating this exceptional gathering dedicated to our shared mission of a sustainable Europe.

We look forward to continued collaboration and meeting you again in future initiatives. In the meantime, please enjoy some impressions from the dynamic atmosphere of Connecting Europe Days 2024.