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Strategic TTR Meeting between IP and RNE 10 July

16 July 2024

Strategic discussion on TTR The Timetable Redesign was the focus of last week’s high-level meeting between Infraestruturas de Portugal and RNE. The President Miguel Jorge de Campos Cruz, Vice President … Read more

1st Traffic Management Workshop online

RNE Traffic Management Workshop

05 July 2024

On 27th June, RNE organised a Traffic Management Workshop, presenting current projects in the traffic and train performance management to representatives from the Rail Freight Corridors, Railway Undertakings, and Terminals … Read more

EuroLink is now part of RNE

EuroLink Integration into RNE – Innovating Capacity Concepts

01 July 2024

Starting as a timetabling expert Think Tank on Capacity Concepts for European Rail Traffic, EuroLink recently became part of RailNet Europe. This integration was proposed at the RNE General Assembly … Read more

20th RNE Technical Meeting

20th RNE Technical Meeting: Facilitating International Rail Traffic

19 June 2024

The 20th RNE Technical Meeting, held in Bratislava from 10-13 June 2024, brought together over 60 key stakeholders from Infrastructure Managers, Allocation Bodies, and Corridor One-Stop Shops. This significant annual … Read more

Path Coordinations System PCS

Record Usage of PCS

22 April 2024

Capacity management strengthened on a European scale: PCS achieves record usage for 2025 Annual Timetable European Commission and the rail sector are actively working to enhance international rail traffic by … Read more