TTR Minimum Implementation Scope: Update for Timetable 2026

RNE’s mission is to facilitate international rail traffic across Europe and to make railway more competitive in the areas of capacity and traffic management. Several milestones have already been achieved in the area of capacity management. A completely revised approach has been created with TTR (Timetable Redesign) for Smart Capacity Management.

For the implementation of TTR, it is essential to follow an up-to-date overall step-by-step plan on how and to which extent TTR is being implemented in a certain timetable. It is also referred to as the ‘Rail-Roadmap’.

The Rail-Roadmap is based on the Minimum Implementation Scope of TTR for timetable 2025, which Infrastructure Managers agreed on in spring 2022. The re-iteration of this document – applicable for timetable 2026 – has been approved by the RNE General Assembly in December 2023.

TTR follows the approach of a gradual implementation. In line with this the minimum scope is being re-assessed and updated every year, usually covering improved and new elements for the respective subsequent timetable.

For the latest update, the most significant drivers can be summarized:

  • The European Commission’s legal proposal on Capacity Management, having collected first experience with advance capacity planning,
  • relatively stable resources at IMs dedicated to TTR implementation as well as
  • the need for transparent communication.

The main changes and updates compared to the scope of timetable 2025 mostly involve to an extended geographical scope, increasing detail level and content of deliverables, further implementation of DCM (Digital Capacity Management) components and functionalities as well as coherence with the stipulations made in the draft Regulation as an overarching objective. The latter is particularly linked to the implementation timeline indicated in the legal proposal. In addition, the chance has been taken to also include a first review on the deliverables elaborated for timetable 2025 so far. As TTR is a highly dynamic programme with significant internal and external dependencies, the next annual re-iteration of the ‘Rail-Roadmap’ is planned to be launched in spring 2024 already.