Publication of the Network ETA Tender

The RNE ETA Programme is taking a significant step towards optimising train operations across Europe with the publication of its latest tender. Central to the programme’s objectives is the provision of train running forecast information spanning the entire European network.

The solution will build upon the forecasting module already integrated into the existing RNE TIS application. This module plays a crucial role in furnishing predictions for train runs with available timetables, subsequently incorporating real-time train running information.

RNE’s initiative to procure an IT developer, announced on 12 February 2024, aims to expedite the development and implementation of the forecasting module within the first six months of the anticipated three-year contract period.

The tendering process adheres to official protocols and is published through the EU tender platform TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), ensuring transparency and accessibility to potential bidders. Interested parties can participate in the process electronically via – Die Vergabedrehscheibe für BieterInnen.

This strategic move underscores RNE’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency and reliability of rail services across Europe. Stay tuned for further updates as the project progresses.