FTIA has launched a national TTR Project

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA), a member of RailNetEurope, has as of January 2024 launched an official national project to implement TTR.

They have already been actively participating in the various RNE Capacity Management Working Groups and therefore helped shape the TTR process. FTIA has additionally been piloting the TTR components and published a Capacity Model for Timetable 2025 last year as well as Capacity Strategy for Timetable 2027.

Now together with FTIA there are already 21 national TTR implementation projects and more are in the pipeline! This does not only show increasingly high commitment by Infrastructure Managers to adapt to and implement TTR, but also the sector’s eagerness to anticipate what is likely to become law in future.

We are looking forward to seeing the work of FTIA continue as an official TTR implementor.

If you would like to contact FTIAs TTR team, please send an email to TTR@ftia.fi.