TTR Implementation: publication and improvement of Capacity Strategies

Since the publishing of the Capacity Strategies for timetable period 2025 at the end of June, RNE Members have started to work on the Capacity Strategies for timetable period 2026. For timetable period 2025 a total of ten documents were published, covering the Capacity Strategies of 13 countries.

To evaluate the experiences and findings gained from this first ever creation of Capacity Strategies, RNE together with FTE organised a joint workshop for the National TTR Implementation Managers in September 2022 to discuss difficulties, exchange learnings and elaborate how the documents can be enhanced for the next period. The meeting was used as a good opportunity for lively exchange between National TTR Implementation Managers and with the market, represented by FTE.

The outcome was a list of recommendations for the TTR process experts, to further improve the respective business processes. Also, the National TTR Implementation Managers presented their plans for timetable period 2026 and confirmed that a wider geographical part will be covered in the next round – not only with a scope extension of the already publishing IMs’ networks, but also with additional IMs publishing their Capacity Strategies. The publication of the Capacity Strategies for timetable period 2026 is expected by the end of 2022.

The publication and ongoing work on Capacity Strategies was a first and important step to reach the goal of full implementation of TTR across Europe.

TTR is no longer only a theory – the process has already started and is now live!