Call for discussion on train eta / rail visibility in Europe

Like other modes of transport, the railway sector has been developing and implementing a train run forecast functionality (oftentimes referred to as rail visibility in the broader multimodal context) in its common application, the RNE Train Information System (TIS).

The exchange of forecast information between Infrastructure Managers (IMs), Railway Undertakings (RUs) and Terminals is already established. It is based on data from RNE’s IM Members, who are providing forecasting on their national networks and sending this information to the RNE TIS. This centralised train information application allows the sharing of forecast information with partners involved in the train run. With the recent development under the EU CEF DigitalTrain 1.0 project, this sharing functionality is now also available to external partners, implemented together with two forecasting accuracy indicators, which supplement the forecasting information.

Following promising results of test runs with external providers of ETA information, RNE‘s Members now plan to achieve coverage of the entire European railway network using train ETA forecast information delivered by such a provider. In order to further elaborate on the possible approaches, several non-binding discussions with ETA providers are going to be organised by the end of 2022.  The agenda of these bilateral meetings will be mainly to present RNE‘s needs in detail and discuss the possibilities and expectations of the potential ETA providers.
In case you are interested in a bilateral meeting on this topic please contact Mr Peter Šišolák at

*The content of this announcement does not represent the process of procurement and development of the forecast information exchange or tool development. Any feedback on the presented request does not create any legal and/or commercial right, entitlement or advantage for the respondent or a legal obligation for RNE in a future forecast information exchange or tool development. To participate in a future forecasting information exchange or tool development, it will be necessary to meet the conditions of the procurement procedure, which will be announced to the sector´s needs.