Data Quality roadshow proceeds in Hungary at MÁV

The Data Quality Roadshow continues and the RNE Train Performance Management team, represented by Peter Šišolák and Pedro Macedo, recently travelled to Budapest to meet with MÁV high-level and data quality representatives.

During the meeting, the RNE team presented the RNE Data Quality strategy, including supporting projects and their outputs in the form of guidelines and and the TIS declaration. RNE appreciates MÁV’s active commitment to the data quality process. The traffic and operations management director, László Pósalaki, stated the importance of the processes and expressed his full support for further improvement of the MÁV data quality status. Moreover, both the data quality expert, Gábor Csatlós, and the data quality high-level representative, Zoltán Imre Kovács, reinforced their commitment to the improvement of data quality processes and mutual cooperation with RNE.

Ágnes Lengyelné Kerekes from GYSEV took part in the meeting as well and reaffirmed her company’s interest in having a similar meeting. The GYSEV data quality roadshow is scheduled for January 2023.

We would like to warmly thank MÁV for hosting this fruitful meeting and look forward to our continued collaboration in bringing our commonly agreed data quality strategy to success.

Data Quality Roadshows can be organised for any interested RNE Member.
(To arrange a meeting, please contact Pedro Macedo at