RNE Members Adopt Updated Network Statement Common Structure for TT 2025

At the RNE General Assembly held on 31 May 2023, the Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies operating under the RNE umbrella have approved an update to the Common Structure and Implementation Guide for the Network Statement, applicable for the timetable year 2025.

Streamlined information for better customer orientation

The RNE Network Statement Common Structure serves as a guideline for RNE Members to align their national Network Statements, ensuring that Applicants can easily access the information they need in a standardised manner across different countries. By streamlining the presentation of data, this common structure simplifies the application process. Importantly, the Network Statement Common Structure and Implementation Guide are based on the relevant EU regulations.

Key Adjustments for Timetable 2025

The adjustments approved by the RNE General Assembly in May 2023 primarily focus on the integration of additional information related to TTR (Timetable Redesign for Smart Capacity Management). This includes the introduction of new sub-chapters, such as ‘Capacity Strategy’ and ‘Feasibility Studies’ as well as the publication of harmonised thresholds for Path Cancellation in Timetable 2025 for TTR first wave implementers (Chapter 4.8.4).

Where to Find the Updated Network Statement Common Structure

By continuously refining and aligning the Network Statement Common Structure, RNE and its Members aim to enhance collaboration, transparency, and operational efficiency within the rail industry.

To access the Network Statement Common Structure for Timetable 2025 and its Implementation Guide, we invite you to visit the dedicated subpage on the RNE website.