Launch of EU Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Map

RNE collaborated with Transporeon in their efforts to create the EU Ukraine Visibility Map, a groundbreaking tool that significantly enhances rail transport visibility between the EU and Ukraine. The launch of the Visibility Map aligns with the European Commission’s EU Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Initiative, in which Transporeon actively participates by leveraging its technology platform and consulting services.

The EU Ukraine Visibility Map, the first tool of its kind on a large scale, offers a comprehensive view of key rail corridors connecting Ukraine to Europe. It has been developed based on valuable data provided by RNE. By utilising this map, supply chain stakeholders and public authorities can meticulously plan their operations, identify, and address bottlenecks, and make informed decisions regarding future infrastructure investments.

The Visibility Map showcases essential insights into the activity along key rail corridors, including Ukrainian border locations, terminal points, and the real-time locations of freight and passenger trains. Detailed information available through the map includes train dwell-times, delays measured in days, hours, and minutes, as well as the percentage share of delays.

The EU Ukraine Visibility Map is regularly updated approximately every six hours, ensuring users have access to the latest information. In addition to corridor insights, users can access terminal data, such as the number of trains at specific stations, for the past 24 hours, week, and month.