Major TTR Milestone Achieved: Capacity Models Published for Timetable 2025

A major milestone in the progressing implementation of TTR (Timetable Redesign for Smart Capacity Management) has been achieved by Infrastructure Managers in June 2023. Capacity Models were published for the very first time by many RNE Members, marking the second step in the advance planning phase for timetable period 2025. Comparing this deliverable to the publication of Capacity Strategies (first published in June 2022), the most significant difference is the first-time usage of a new common IT tool for this purpose, namely the European Capacity Management Tool (ECMT).

This piloting of the first-time-ever Capacity Model publication has been an important step in which Infrastructure Managers were able to gain valuable experience, and have now already started to work on improvements for next year’s publication to increase quality even further as the gradual implementation of TTR progresses (e.g. extension of geographic scope, better harmonisation of borders).

Applicants and other sector stakeholders with a UIC code can now access the Capacity Models in the ECMT application (, and explore and visualise the data published, while also gaining an outlook on what digital advance planning in Europe will look like.

For further information regarding this first round of Capacity Models, the National Project Implementation Managers ( as well as RNE Joint Office colleagues (via are happy to be at your disposal. For ECMT-related questions (e.g. access), please contact