What are the RNE Awards?

To show appreciation for extraordinary achievements and contributions to RNE’s work, the RNE Awards have been conceptualised in 2022. The RNE Awards serve to

  • Spotlight your excellence
    With the newly introduced award
  • Build and motivate your team
    Attract, retain and reward top talent
  • Turn stakeholder heads and prove your business impact
    Position your team as a strategic partner and show how you’re delivering value
  • Highlight your innovations
    Gain attention for your projects
  • Celebrate your achievements
    Enjoy recognition within and outside your organisation

Each year, the RNE Awards committee carefully selects the awardees out of the list of nominees. The winners are honored to recognise their outstanding achievements during the December General Assembly.

Nomination Process

The nomination must be done via the official registration form by a member of the following groups eligible to submit nominations – RNE GA or MB representatives, RNE HLG and WG chair persons, as well as RNE’s Secretary General. Each submission must be entered separately (max. 1 nomination per person/entity and category).

The nomination deadline for the RNE Awards 2023 is 18 August 2023.

A maximum of two awardees will be selected each year.

RNE Awards Timeline

Nomination Criteria

  • Individual team, project or initiative that made a significant contribution to the European rail sector in any of the categories
  • Candidate must be based in Europe
  • Nominations must be for a relevant achievement with proven results in line with category description
  • Nominations must include a clear description of the achievement that the person/project/initiative is being nominated for and can ideally be accompanied by a proper set of supporting documents (e.g. resume, articles, photos, presentations, videos, etc.)
  • Self-nomination is not allowed
  • MB members are excluded from receiving an award (part of jury)


Outstanding Individual Contribution: RNE would like to encourage its members to nominate a member of staff who has made an outstanding contribution to the rail business in the context of RNE’s work.
This provides the opportunity for companies to publicly recognise their staff who make a tangible difference within the business and/or with customers.

Young Rail Professional: This category emphasises the importance to the industry of encouraging and helping to develop its newest staff, who often go unrecognised. It is open to staff under 30 years of age on 1 January 2023 who should be nominated by a manager or colleague for providing exceptional service or a major contribution to a project or programme.Entries submitted should contain clear examples of where the nominee has made a significant contribution to the rail business, the company and/or its customers, in the context of RNE’s work.

Outstanding Team Achievement: A project team or group (minimum 2 people) must have achieved a significant goal or milestone in the context of RNE’s work that couldn’t have been accomplished without the collective effort. The achievement must have a positive impact on the organisation, either in financial or non-financial benefits.

The team must have demonstrated exceptional teamwork, collaboration and communication. It must have demonstrated leadership, creativity and innovation in achieving the goal. Working together for the common goal rather than individual recognition was the main focus.

Railway Solutions Award: In this category we are looking for evidence of real innovation in the range or quality of services provided to customers as well as in technical development of infrastructure, handling equipment, safety, software and communications systems, etc. – in the context of RNE’s work.

History of award and previous winners


The RNE Awards were first introduced in 2022 and two awardees were presented with an award.

Daniel Haltner received the RNE Certificate of Achievement for his extraordinary contributions to the Timetable Redesign (TTR) for Smart Capacity Management Programme since its inception in 2014, outstanding work in the areas of capacity management and timetabling in various leading roles, and significant part as a key contributor in the technical setup of the Rail Freight Corridors.

Freddy van der Cruyssen received the RNE Certificate of Achievement for his extraordinary contributions as co-founder of the European Capacity Management Tool (ECMT) and active member in the Digital Capacity Management and TTR Process working groups, outstanding work for the Path Coordination System (PCS), and vital role in the TTCom (Simple Communication Tool for Timetabling) application.

RNE President Paul Mazataud thanked the two awardees for their excellent work and invaluable contributions.

Daniel Haltner was present at the General Assembly to accept the award. He thanked RNE and said he was honoured to receive the award and grateful for the support of his work he experienced from RNE Joint Office Colleagues, RNE Members and, finally, Thomas Isenmann (TVS), who ensured that enough working time was always available for RNE-related activities. He concluded that due to his passion for international rail transport, he will continue to guide his work, even beyond his retirement.

Freddy van der Cruyssen was on vacation at the time and could not be present to receive the award but asked Michel Geubelle (Infrabel), who accepted the award on behalf of Mr van der Cruyssen, to convey that he was very proud to have received the award and would continue working to make TTR a success for all stakeholders.

RNE’s efforts are highly enhanced by many different individuals, as well as companies. It is our hope that the RNE Awards will serve to convey increased visibility and appreciation for exceptional work done and encourage involvement in RNE’s activities, today and in the future.


In 2022 for the first time categories were introduced. The two awardees presented with an award both received it in the category ‘outstanding individual contribution’.

Josef Stahl received the award for his extraordinary contributions in transforming the Train Information System into one of the most successful B2B systems in the rail industry, his pivotal leadership in the development of TAF/TAP TSI, and his invaluable expertise as an active member in train performance and traffic management working groups.

Per-Åke Wärn received the award for his remarkable 39 years of experience and active dedication to advancing the railway sector’s capacity management, pivotal role in shaping industry standards, facilitating the adoption of new models, and successful coordination of RNE’s activities at national level.

From left to right: Paul Mazataud, Michel Geubelle, Josef Stahl, Per-Åke Wärn and Guus de Mol.
From left to right: Paul Mazataud, Michel Geubelle, Josef Stahl, Per-Åke Wärn and Guus de Mol.