20 years RNE - Anniversary Interview Oliver Sellnick

RNE Anniversary Interview with Oliver Sellnick

20 June 2024

Oliver Sellnick has been involved in the work of RNE since 2013 and joined the RNE Managing Board in May 2020. Most of his career has been devoted to management … Read more

20th RNE Technical Meeting

20th RNE Technical Meeting: Facilitating International Rail Traffic

19 June 2024

The 20th RNE Technical Meeting, held in Bratislava from 10-13 June 2024, brought together over 60 key stakeholders from Infrastructure Managers, Allocation Bodies, and Corridor One-Stop Shops. This significant annual … Read more

RNE-ERA Signing of Memorandum of Understanding MoU - signing

Harmonising European Rail Solutions: RNE and ERA signing the MoU

13 June 2024

Following constructive discussions in the General Assembly (GA) as well as with experts from the Infrastructure Managers (IMs)/RNE, the GA of RNE approved the signing of the RNE – ERA … Read more

20 years RNE - Anniversary Interview Philipp Koiser

RNE Anniversary Interview with Philipp Koiser

31 May 2024

Philipp Koiser holds the position as RNE’s Head of Capacity Management including Timetable Redesign for Smart Capacity Management (TTR). He commenced his career at RNE a decade ago in 2014 … Read more

New CIP Layout May 2024

New Comprehensive CIP Layout

29 May 2024

RailNetEurope (RNE) and the Corridor Network are pleased to announce the launch of the new layout of the Customer Information Platform (CIP), which marks a significant advancement in terms of … Read more

RNE advances toward Network Coordinator

RNE GA Advances Toward Network Coordinator Role

17 May 2024

Framed by a key note speech provided by DG MOVE Director for Land Transport Kristian Schmidt via video, the RNE General Assembly decided during its meeting on 16th of May … Read more