20th RNE Technical Meeting: Facilitating International Rail Traffic

The 20th RNE Technical Meeting, held in Bratislava from 10-13 June 2024, brought together over 60 key stakeholders from Infrastructure Managers, Allocation Bodies, and Corridor One-Stop Shops.

This significant annual event focused on ensuring the harmonisation of passenger and freight train paths at the borders of European countries in the draft working timetable.

Meeting Agreed Deadline for 2025 Timetable Offers

The commonly agreed deadline for Infrastructure Managers to provide offers to the market for the upcoming timetable period 2025 was set for 1 July 2024.

The strategic timing of the meeting, held shortly before this deadline, was pivotal in allowing stakeholders to assess and address potential challenges, identify discrepancies, and ensure a smooth publication process.

Timely and proactive approach to optimise operations

The proactive approach demonstrated at the meeting highlights the commitment of RNE members to optimising operations across all borders.

The comprehensive discussions and initiatives showcased the industry’s dedication to promoting interoperability and streamlining European rail processes.

Conclusion and Future Prospects

In conclusion, this year’s event in Bratislava served as a vital platform for stakeholders to converge and address essential considerations related to the harmonisation of paths in the draft working timetable.

RNE was pleased to host this annual event, and we extend our special thanks to all participants.

We eagerly anticipate the 21st edition of the RNE Technical Meeting in 2025.