Harmonising European Rail Solutions: RNE and ERA signing the MoU

Following constructive discussions in the General Assembly (GA) as well as with experts from the Infrastructure Managers (IMs)/RNE, the GA of RNE approved the signing of the RNE – ERA Technical Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which took place today in Vienna.  

With the signing of the MoU between RailNetEurope (RNE) and the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), we are continuing our overarching mission of facilitating international rail traffic across Europe. 

Harald Reisinger, Chief Information Officer of RNE, recently highlighted that  

The Memorandum of Understanding is primarily intended to ensure that RNE’s IT solutions align with existing European solutions.” 

He emphasised that the MoU is intended to ensure that ERA and the sector jointly incorporate the requirements of the new capacity regulation into the Telematic TSI. It also sets the frame to support the future Network Coordinator in setting up the digital services required. Moreover, RNE’s IT solutions will comply with the existing European standards, such as the Telematic TSI and the Register of Infrastructure (RINF). Signing the RNE – ERA Technical Memorandum of Understanding. 

Today, representatives of RNE and ERA met in Vienna to sign the MoU.  

Joachim Kroll
Secretary General

RNE - RailNet Europe

Harald Reisinger
Chief Information Officer

RNE - RailNet Europe

Josef Doppelbauer
Executive Director

ERA - European Union Agency for Railways

“The Memorandum Of Understanding on coordination on technical matters between RailNetEurope (RNE) and the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) is a significant step towards driving telematics and digitisation in rail with ERA as System Authority for databases and registers.
The MoU will enable RNE and ERA will align their joint effort towards better integration of the European railway network.”
– Josef Doppelbauer

RNE-ERA Signing of Memorandum of Understanding MoU - handshake

RNE looks forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation with ERA and further supports the joint technical work on application development and implementation as well as further data completion. 

For more in depth information about the Memorandum of Understanding please look into the complete document.