RNE Data Quality Roadshow at GYSEV

The RNE Train Performance Management team’s Peter Šišolák and Pedro Macedo recently travelled to Sopron for another Data Quality Roadshow, this time the meeting was held with GYSEV‘s high-level representatives and concerned experts.

The meeting assembled a very committed and interested audience from GYSEV’s traffic and operations management, IT, passenger transport and international relations departments. During the meeting, the RNE team presented RNE Data Quality strategy as well as related projects and guidelines. An overview of GYSEV’s data quality indicators and the proposals for improving the figures were also presented, which enabled a good and constructive dialogue, strengthening the participants’ cooperation. Furthermore, all experts from participating departments in very fruitful discussion reaffirmed their commitment to the data quality processes. Finally, RNE thanked GYSEV for their cooperation and demonstrated interest in enhancing data quality.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to GYSEV for their exceptional organisation and hosting of this productive meeting, RNE is looking forward to continuing our collaboration in implementing our mutually agreed-upon data quality strategy.

Data Quality Roadshows can be organised for any interested RNE Member.
(To arrange a meeting, please contact Pedro Macedo at pedro.macedo@rne.eu.)