RFC User Satisfaction Survey 2022 – Results

The RFC User Satisfaction Survey is an important tool that helps to measure customers’ satisfaction rates. Since 2014, all stakeholders in the logistics chain, including RUs, non-RUs, terminals, and ports, have been invited to participate in the survey. Last year, a total of 128 companies took part in the survey, which was ongoing from September to November.

In 2022, participants were given a choice to fill in the survey online as they had done in previous years, or, for the first time, to be personally interviewed by members of the RFCs. Regardless of the mode of participation, full confidentiality was granted to all invitees who wished to remain anonymous.

The feedback provided by the users is crucial for improving the quality of the Rail Freight Corridors’ products and services and the participants’ support is highly appreciated.

If you are interested in the specific User Satisfaction Surveys for each RFC, you can find them on their respective websites. For an overview of the overall User Satisfaction Survey results for 2022, you can download a summary report HERE.

We hope that this summary report will help you better understand the current state of user satisfaction within the Rail Freight Corridor network, and that it will encourage you to continue to provide feedback to help improve our services in the future.