Launch of Preparations for Implementation of Draft Regulation on Use of Rail Infrastructure Capacity

On 5 December 2023, the RNE General Assembly, in presence of representatives of DG MOVE as observers, approved a project to prepare RNE for taking over the role of Network Coordinator under the draft Regulation on use of rail infrastructure capacity.

While negotiations in Council and Parliament are ongoing and the appointment of the Network Coordinator remains to be decided only after adoption of the draft Regulation, Infrastructure Managers in RNE share the view that preparations for the implementation of the draft Regulation need to start immediately to meet the ambitious timeline of the proposal. RNE’s Members are committed to endorsing the activities attributed in the Commission’s proposal to the Network Coordinator and to initiating the necessary activities to be ready to deliver on all relevant tasks within the target dates proposed by the Commission.

The project to prepare RNE to exercise the activities of Network Coordinator (if being the candidate of choice) will encompass activities such as the preparation of input to the European frameworks for capacity management, traffic management and performance review including corresponding IT developments, a concept for endorsement of new tasks and analysis of related financing/funding aspects, a review of organisational requirements and necessary change management processes. Emphasis is also put on the development of stakeholder involvement processes as envisaged in the draft regulation.

With the immediate start of the project, RNE’s Members show their commitment to implementing the draft regulation without delay and to further strengthening their cooperation and intensifying the dialogue with stakeholders to improve the functioning of the European railway market.