Election of internal auditors

After acting as RNE’s internal auditor for the last four years, Mrs Carmen Theler (TVS) will be pursuing new career paths. RNE is grateful for the indispensable support and continuous effort Mrs Theler has demonstrated over this period and wishes her all the best for her professional, as well as personal future.

In order to guarantee consistency, the position of first internal auditor will remain with Mr Alfred Lutschinger (ÖBB Infra). RNE Members were asked to submit their nominations for the position of second internal auditor, which eventually led to the election of Mr Andreas Gaberthüel (TVS). With a strong professional background in accounting and finance, and having been the finance deputy of Mrs Theler, Mr Gaberthüel will be taking over the responsibility for financial matters at TVS starting in January 2023.

At this point RNE would also like to thank the Swiss capacity allocation body (TVS) and Thomas Isenmann for their valuable cooperation and repeated willingness to provide an internal auditor for RNE.