Regulation on Capacity Management

03 August 2023

On 11 July, as part of the Greening Freight Package the European Commission published a proposal for a Regulation on the use of railway infrastructure capacity. The draft regulation introduces … Read more

RNE’s TIS Data Quality Initiative: Collaborative Steps towards Reliable Reports

02 August 2023

Over the years, the Train Information System (TIS) has emerged as a vital tool for real-time monitoring of European trains, gaining recognition across the European Railways landscape, now counting 4.000 … Read more

Enhancing Railway Operations: The Language Tool’s Impact on International Communication

20 July 2023

Effective communication is crucial for smooth and efficient railway operations, especially in an international context. Recognising the need to overcome language barriers, the Language Programme (LP) was initiated by RNE’s … Read more

Major TTR Milestone Achieved: Capacity Models Published for Timetable 2025

12 July 2023

A major milestone in the progressing implementation of TTR (Timetable Redesign for Smart Capacity Management) has been achieved by Infrastructure Managers in June 2023. Capacity Models were published for the … Read more

RNE Members Adopt Updated Network Statement Common Structure for TT 2025

06 July 2023

At the RNE General Assembly held on 31 May 2023, the Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies operating under the RNE umbrella have approved an update to the Common Structure and … Read more

Launch of EU Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Map

12 June 2023

RNE collaborated with Transporeon in their efforts to create the EU Ukraine Visibility Map, a groundbreaking tool that significantly enhances rail transport visibility between the EU and Ukraine. The launch … Read more