Announcing: CCS New Common Interface

The Common Interface, a crucial component of the Common Components System, underwent its last major update in 2017-2018. While maintaining stability, its existing technology stack poses limitations for future improvements and vital security updates.

Therefore, as part of the comprehensive CCS renewal initiative, a reimagination of the Common Interface has been undertaken. This transformation will leverage cutting-edge technologies and address long-standing functional and security concerns reported by users. The forthcoming New Common Interface promises to unlock new possibilities and fortify this essential system for the years ahead.

Following through a rigorous public procurement process, Capgemini Consulting Österreich AG has been chosen as the supplier for the development and ongoing maintenance of the New Common Interface.

Capgemini Consulting Österreich AG is a global leader in leveraging technology to transform and manage businesses. With a commitment to an inclusive and sustainable future, Capgemini boasts a diverse team of over 360,000 members across 50+ countries. Their 55-year legacy and industry expertise make them a trusted partner, addressing a wide range of business needs from strategy to digital engineering.

The development project was successfully kicked off in June 2023 and user-wide deployment is scheduled for beginning of April 2024.

Updates to CCS Licensing and Pricing from 2024

The Common Components System (CCS) plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and interoperability of rail systems across Europe. To keep pace with evolving needs and ensure fairness, the CCS licensing and pricing structure is set for important updates starting in 2024.

Changes in CCS Support

A new helpdesk service will be implemented, aiming to streamline user support and ensure CCS users receive prompt assistance tailored to their needs. Several distinct support packages will be offered, enabling users to better tailor service levels to their needs.

More Details

Please find here a glimpse into upcoming development milestones, as well as more detailed information on Updates to CCS Licensing and Pricing from 2024 and Changes in CCS Support.