Capacity Strategies for Timetable 2026 Published

After the first publication of Capacity Strategies in summer 2022 (strategies for timetable 2025), the recent publication of Capacity Strategies for timetable 2026 marks another milestone in the implementation of coordinated infrastructure planning at European level, laying the foundation for advance planning in TTR. The published Capacity Strategies for timetable 2026 are a precondition for the elaboration of Capacity Models, which will be prepared subsequently.

On top of their national documents, several Infrastructure Managers (Infrabel, ProRail, ACF, SNCF Réseau, DB Netz, SBB Infrastruktur, BLS Netz, ÖBB Infrastruktur and RFI) have published a common document, emphasising the cross-border character of TTR end products to the benefit of consistency, coherence, and customer-friendliness.

Participation has increased in this second round and several Infrastructure Managers (IMs) who did not publish a Capacity Strategy for timetable 2025 have prepared and published Capacity Strategy documents for timetable 2026. As of the publication date of this article, a total of fourteen documents have been published by IMs covering 13 countries.

A common document for the members of the Nordic Pilot – covering Denmark, Sweden and Norway – is also currently in the process of finalisation and is expected to be published soon.

The publication for timetable 2026 and ongoing work on Capacity Strategies is another important step towards reaching the goal of full TTR implementation across Europe.

TTR is no longer only a theory – the process has already started and is now live!

The links to all currently published Capacity Strategies are available HERE.