This was TTR Day 2023!

The TTR Day 2023 took place on 19 September 2023 in Vienna.

Three highly significant keynote speeches were delivered to open the conference:
DG MOVE Director Kristian Schmidt once again emphasised that rail is an essential part of Europe’s sustainable future of transport, as TTR was more or less the basis for the draft regulation enabling a more efficient usage of infrastructure in a digital, flexible and European manner.
FTE President Philipp Mäder stated that much has been achieved already, while the sector is not at the finish line yet. The continuation of a balanced approach of incorporating the sector’s interests is a key precondition to make TTR work.
As member of the Managing Board of ÖBB Infrastruktur, Johann Pluy also had very clear words related to the requirements of the future railway system: the forecasted growth of rail traffic can only be managed via increased digitalisation, cooperation and more stable advance capacity planning, all components being central elements of TTR.

Over 200 participants joined us for the event, in Vienna as well as online, to exchange on current sector topics in four panel discussions:

  • Panel 1: Implementation of TTR: Milestones and Achievements
    Exploring the progress and experience made in implementing TTR and its respective IT systems, also known as Digital Capacity Management (DCM). The successful but challenging efforts of MVPs and TTR Pilots, as well as insights into the advancements and future requirements in the implementation process and IT infrastructure.
  • Panel 2: The Future of TTR: Smart Capacity Management
    Investigating the vision of a future empowered by TTR, and how Smart Capacity Management can revolutionise international train operations and increase competitiveness. Outlining a stepwise approach to implementing TTR and the transformative impact on Capacity Management.
  • European Legal Framework: Implications for TTR
    Delving into the implications of the European legal framework on TTR and discussing the potential legal components on Capacity Management within the ‘Greening Transport Package’ proposed by the European Commission. Exploring the regulatory landscape and its impact on TTR implementation.
  • Transforming Capacity Management: Digitalization and Integration
    A thought-provoking discussion on transforming Capacity Management through digitalisation and integration. Exploring how TTR and Smart Capacity Management drive efficiency, competitiveness, and seamless transportation. Interactive discussions on the integration of new technologies and the direction of capacity planning and operation.

TTR Day Conclusions

We would like to warmly thank all contributors, participants, organisers for making the TTR Day 2023 a success, with interesting discussions, lively exchanges and expert insights. While cooperation among all sector stakeholders has once again been identified as being one of the key preconditions, a main take-away was also the need to continue implementing well before the regulation proposed by the European Commission will be in force to meet the ambitious timeline and provide tangible outputs to the sector.

 We are looking forward to continuing our joint efforts towards further improving rail transport and achieving ever more attractive and sustainable transport solutions.

Follow-up Materials

If you were unable to attend or would like to revisit the discussed topics, please visit the TTR Day web page where you will find:

  • Video recordings of keynote speeches, individual panel sessions and conclusions
  • Polling Results
  • Slides
  • Photo impressions