New Comprehensive CIP Layout

RailNetEurope (RNE) and the Corridor Network are pleased to announce the launch of the new layout of the Customer Information Platform (CIP), which marks a significant advancement in terms of comprehensiveness, synergies, and accessibility of information.

The Customer Information Platform (CIP)

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) is an interactive, internet-based information tool utilised by internal users such as Rail Freight Corridors, Infrastructure Managers, as well as public users.

It provides essential information on routing, terminals, track properties, infrastructure investment projects, and more.

The new CIP system offers enhanced capabilities for adding further functionalities and improvements in the future.

Modernised CIP Layout

The new modernised and user-friendly layout and user interface will offer both internal and external users a better opportunity to create synergies and access data more efficiently.

The new CIP is a part of the Railway Infrastructure System (RIS), where data and functionalities of other infrastructure-based sector registers, including ERA’s Registers of Infrastructure(RINF), are merged to create an even more comprehensive and complete tool.

This will establish an accessible environment for anybody seeking Rail Freight Corridors information and will serve as a foundation for interaction between stakeholders.

RailNetEurope and the Corridor Network are looking forward to an expanded and fruitful collaboration with the CIP users, leveraging the new system as a basis for exchanging infrastructure information.

The CIP will remain to be available free of charge for all users.

For any questions regarding the new CIP system at RNE, please send an email to

Experience the new CIP Layout

For those eager to experience the enhanced features and user-friendly interface of the newly launched CIP tool, we invite you to explore it now!