Building Connections for Effective Rail Logistics: RNE’s Participation at the Munich Transport Logistic Fair

RailNetEurope and the Rail Freight Corridors recently made a significant impact at the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich, held from May 9th to 12th, 2023. This renowned trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management takes place every two years at the Munich Exhibition Center, serving as a premier platform for international networking within the logistics industry.

The fair featured a diverse range of modern products and services from exhibitors worldwide, covering train logistics, air transport, and road transport. With numerous exhibitors, the event provided a valuable opportunity to showcase innovative offerings, both large and small in scale. Additionally, the fair included over fifty presentations and panel discussions, delving into emerging trends and innovations in the logistics sector.

At this year’s Transport Logistic Fair, the RNE Corridor Management team and their counterparts from the Rail Freight Corridors welcomed visitors at their joint stand. They provided informative presentations and side events, highlighting the ongoing collaborative projects between RNE and the RFCs. Notable initiatives such as the Customer Information Platform, Rail Facilities Portal, and Key Performance Indicators were discussed, demonstrating the organisations’ commitment to advancing the industry.

During the fair, the respective Managing Directors of the RFC Network presented notable projects. For instance, RFC ScanMed showcased the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project, while RFC North Sea-Med presented the Quality Circle Operation project Lyon-Bettembourg. These presentations garnered significant interest and sparked meaningful discussions among attendees.

The RNE Train Information System (TIS) team was also present at the stand, engaging in a Q&A session. The team was pleased with the high level of interest from visitors, providing an opportunity to connect with the TIS user community and exchange insights on the system’s future.

In addition to their presence at the joint stand, RNE actively participated in a panel discussion titled “Beyond Babel: Overcoming Language Barriers,” organised by the Freight Corridor Railway Advisory Group Speakers. The discussion centred around the Translate4Rail project and its outcomes, including a language tool prototype and an expanded list of predefined messages for a specific cross-border section where the tool underwent successful pilot testing. UIC, a member of the former Translate4Rail Consortium, collaborated with RNE to deliver this informative presentation. Visitors also had the chance to witness a live demonstration of the T4R language tool.

RNE’s participation as a contributor and exhibitor at the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich provided an excellent opportunity to engage with users, customers, stakeholders, and the curious public. These interactions facilitated discussions on the facilitation and coordination of cross-border railway traffic in Europe. In conclusion, RNE extends its appreciation to all partners, colleagues, and visitors for their interest and support throughout the eventful week at the fair.