Traffic Management General Information

Traffic Management – general information

RNE’s Strategy in the field of Traffic Management activities is aimed at the improvement of operational processes to increase the overall effectiveness of the international and national railway traffic with a focus on the customers’ needs. Special attention is currently paid to the cooperation and communication of national traffic control centres within a virtual European network.  All activities should result in better network capacity utilisation, improvement of trains punctuality and dwell times reduction at the borders. RNE is actively participating and supporting its members in enhanced train running forecasting solutions enabling better resource management of all stakeholders involved in the logistic chain. No less important part is focused on simplification of the international train operation removing existing language barriers. Besides that, RNE actively facilitates the enhanced cooperation between RNE Members and all stakeholders in the logistic chain as mainly are RUs, terminals, combined transport operators, freight forwarders, Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) in the matter of traffic management.

The RNE Traffic Management is focusing on small specific operational projects which are relevant for the sector, have an international nature and feasibility within two to three years. RNE is currently leading several conceptual traffic management-related activities as the Language Programme, ETA Programme and Virtual ETM Network concept are. Above these programmes and concepts, close cooperation with European Authorities, member states, RFCs, RUs, Terminals and combined transport operators are of great importance within RNE Traffic Management.