November 4, 2021

Workshop on “Enhancing Data Interoperability in the Railway Sector”

On 26 October more than 120 experts gathered virtually at the invitation from the European Union Agency for Railways and RailNetEurope. Reference data and the collaboration in this regard was at the core of this first of two workshops.


Twelve distinguished guests followed the call from ERA’s Christopher Carr and RNE CIO Harald Reisinger discussing in three panels. The first one focussed on the legal environment regulating the accessibility of data. In the second panel already existing solutions were presented while the third panel explored the usage of reference data. However, not only the panelists were engaged in this meeting, but the numerous attendees exchanged interesting points of view in the chat and were asked to state their preferences in polling questions throughout the meeting. The organisers were glad to see, that more than 90% of the participants indicated, that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the workshop.

The second workshop, which was originally planned for December, has been postponed to 16 February 2022 to allow to duly take into consideration all the valuable output of the meeting. An invitation with more information will be sent in the course of December.

Please find all material and a recording of the panels of the first workshop below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to address them to RNE (Lukas Del Giudice,

Recordings of the panel 1, 2 & 3

Slides Panel 1 – 3
Polling Results
Copy of the Chat