January 12, 2021

Video: Translate4Rail Language Tool

The Shift2Rail-funded project, Translate4Rail, managed by UIC and RNE, has reached a significant milestone with the development and testing of the Language Tool prototype. The Language Tool shall enable drivers and signallers from different countries to communicate safely and effectively with each other across language barriers. Within the framework of the sector Language Programme and Shift2Rail Translate4Rail project, the Language Tool was defined and subsequently developed in collaboration with French IT company Synvance. The tool prototype is currently being tested on an IT-AT (Tarvisio-Villach) cross-border section under the RFI and ÖBB Infra leadership, and in cooperation with the involved RU companies. The results of the pilot testing shall serve for the finetuning of the tool and will of course also be taken into account in the preparation and updating of all relevant documentation and guidelines. The ultimate goal of these activities is to allow the reduction of language level requirements for train drivers from B1 to a lower level, which will greatly facilitate the search for qualified staff while keeping communication effectiveness and safety at the same high level.

The pilot is expected to run until the end of September 2021.

For more information on the Translate4Rail project and the Language Tool, please watch the below video: