November 6, 2020

TTR Day 2020 Follow-Up: Presentations, Recordings, Polling Results

On 3 November 2020, RailNetEurope held the first TTR Online Day, which had originally been planned as a live event in Vienna, but switched to an online set-up early on due to the unpredictable pandemic situation.

The interest shown by the targeted audience from all over the rail sector (Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings, Ministries and Regulators as well as representatives from the European Commission and other interested parties) was huge. With up to 280 live participants the MS Teams conference tool was close to reaching its technical capacity.

A programme rich in variety ensured active participation throughout the all-day event. Highlights were the keynotes given by Clemens Först, CEO of Rail Cargo Austria AG, and Maurizio Castelletti, Head of unit ‘Single European Rail Area’, European Commission, as well as five ‘podium sessions’ with experts from the rail sector. They shared and discussed the key developments of TTR in the essential building blocks of the programme – Process, TCRs, IT Landscape, Legal Framework and TTR Migration. The interactivity of the event was fostered by regular online polls covering questions of interest, and the opportunity to raise questions in the online chat.

With this summary, we are sharing the following information package for further use by all interested parties:

We would like to thank all speakers and participants for their valuable contributions, which have made the TTR Online Day a success!