May 10, 2021

Successful TTR Capacity Strategy Kick-off

The TTR Capacity Strategy for TT 2025 shall be drafted and harmonised from August 2021 through May 2022. To launch this first part of the TTR implementation, RNE hosted a kick-off event on 7 May 2021 to provide information and to answer questions. With more than 140 participants, among them planning experts from the IMs, but also representatives from Ministries of Transport, DG MOVE and Railway Undertakings, the event attracted wide interest.

During the information part with extensive presentations, the team from the RNE JO was backed by experts from the Swiss Ministry of Transport, the Port of Antwerp and the IMs from Sweden, France and the Czech Republic who shared best practices. During the Q&A part, all questions could be answered.

While many of the elements of the Capacity Strategy already exist in several countries, it remains an important task to align these sometimes differing approaches. It is in the hands of the IMs/ABs to draft the Capacity Strategy, well-coordinating their vision with other stakeholders such as Ministries of Transport, ports and service providers. TTR Programme Leader Carel Jonckheere made clear that the team of the RNE JO will be ready to provide support to the respective IMs and help facilitate this task.

Below, please find the schedule of the event, including the times when the respective part starts in the recording.


Download the Presentation

Capacity Strategy Handbook V0.5 published in CMS