June 17, 2022

TT 2024 RNE Network Statement Common Structure and Implementation Guide Updates

At RNE’s General Assembly this May, the adjustments to the Network Statement Common Structure proposed by the NS & CID WG (Network Statement and Corridor Information Document Working Group) were approved.

During the Assembly, the incorporation of RFC capacity allocation was one of the main topics discussed. The final solution endorsed by the NS & CID WG was to enter a text into the NS Common Structure, which will provide the freedom for each IM to choose the most appropriate option according to the respective national legislation. The Network Statement 2024 was adapted to meet the ECJ ruling by including a new Chapter 4.10 – Capacity Allocation Principles for RFCs.

Further adjustments reflected changes resulting from the TTR Programme. These include the listing of TTR process components (chapter 4.9.2), a change to the Capacity Needs Announcements Process for TT 2026, the addition of new guidelines for allocation principles for resolving allocation conflicts (chapter, and a change regarding the implementation in TT 2025, stating it as partial (chapter 4.9.4).

Lastly, a modification to the standard text about the TIS application was agreed upon (chapter 6.4), where it was agreed to use the wording ‘Applicants and operators of service facilities may also be granted access to the TIS…’.

More information and downloadable documents are available HERE.