May 25, 2018

Temporary Capacity Restrictions (TCRs): TCR Guidelines for the complete sector now available

In its meeting on 16 May 2018, the RNE General Assembly has approved the ‘Guidelines for Coordination / Publication of Planned Temporary Capacity Restrictions’ (TCR Guidelines). You can download the document HERE.

This first version of the TCR Guidelines is designed to cover all aspects of the recast Annex VII, which was published in November 2017, which include:

  • Definition of technical terms in the glossary
  • Criteria for capacity restrictions to be coordinated and published
  • Calculation method for “Impact on traffic”
  • Timeline to coordinate TCRs
    • Description of the process steps for TCRs
    • Responsibilities
  • General principles for a platform and tool for the publication of TCR
  • Implementation timeline including steps during transition period

We would like to highlight that the creation of the document was a joint effort of RUs and IMs and would like to thank all contributors.

In the next steps, further content will be included, which can be found in Annex I of enclosed document. To include these additions, we have formed a task force ‘TCR Guidelines’, consisting of members of RNE, FTE and ERFA.  If you have any question, would like to provide further input or would like to know about the progress of the task force, please contact RNE’s Timetabling and TCR Manager, Mr Andrius Bartuškevičius:

Andrius Bartuškevičius
TT & TCR Manager
Mobile:    +43 (0) 664 884 248 07