June 18, 2021

Technical Meeting 2021 Successfully Completed

From 14 to 17 June, the Technical Meeting took place online. Organised by the RNE Capacity Management team, more than 60 timetabling experts from about 25 Infrastructure Managers participated. The goal of this virtual gathering was to coordinate the draft offers for the timetable period 2022 at more than 120 border points across Europe. As a significant number of train paths crosses not only one but several borders, representatives of more than two IMs sat at many of the 107 virtual tables. Being set up for the second time as an all-online event due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants experienced a very smooth execution without any significant problems. RNE would like to thank all participants sincerely, as this successful meeting is considered an important step towards seamless international train runs in the upcoming timetable period.