July 28, 2022

Technical Document on International Leading Entities in Timetable and Capacity Redesign (TTR) Approved

At its meeting on 31 May 2022, RNE’s General Assembly, approved the ‘International Leading Entities in TTR / Capacity Management – Input for Impact Assessment’, a technical document drafted by a special task force of experts.

This exercise was triggered by the European political initiatives concerning both the ‘Revision of Rail Freight Corridor Regulation’ and the ‘Action plan to boost long distance and cross-border passenger rail’, to which RNE’s Members decided to proactively contribute by delivering professional expertise.

The result of the task force’s work is a comprehensive document, which provides the Consultants to the EU Commission for the mentioned impact assessment with a substantiated analysis of the potential impacts, from an operational point of view, of setting up an EU level entity supervising capacity and traffic management.

The analysis takes into consideration existing and anticipated entities for each activity and provides a comprehensive technical analysis of possible decision makers in the TTR process.

With this initiative, RNE and its Members contribute with their profound know-how to designing the ambitious future of railways in Europe.

More information on the Timetable Redesign for Smart Capacity Management (TTR) Programme is available on the TTR Website.